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New UI

A couple of questions/observations regarding the new Canvas UI.

1. Are there any plans to allow the global sidebar menu to be collapsible? It seems to us that THAT is what needs to be hidden when not in use. FWIW the competitor products provide that capability.

2. We noticed that although we can collapse a course menu, simply navigating inside a module pops it right back out again. It doesn't stay hidden. Not sticky.

Are we the only ones with these observations/concerns?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

rgibson1, I'm not sure of the answers to these questions, but I'm sharing this with the User Group: New UI​ to see if anyone there can help.

Community Member

To be fair, we are NOT on the new UI quite yet--that's coming for us on July 3.  But based on my testing, you are correct in both of your assertions, rgibson1​.  I could not agree with you more regarding your idea of having the global navigation menu collapsible.  It somehow seems a tad more intrusive on the side that it used to when it was on the top.  On the other hand, I'm not sure that I would want a side course menu that always stays collapsed.  When we were on a previous LMS, that was one of the more frequent calls I would get from faculty and student alike, who would complain their side menu just "disappeared" not realizing what they had done.  To me the course menu is far more valuable to remain on the side than the global navigation.

Unfortunately, what you describe WAS a feature request that was archived for lack of votes:  .  Perhaps once everyone is on the new UI, there will be some increased interest in this idea to warrant a second go-around at a feature request.

Fair enough. But when both the Global Nav AND the Course Nav are visible, the user actually LOSES horizontal real estate (v. the old interface). By a fairly large amount.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, rgibson1​...

1. Are there any plans to allow the global sidebar menu to be collapsible? It seems to us that THAT is what needs to be hidden when not in use. FWIW the competitor products provide that capability.

In my own testing of the new Canvas User Interface (UI), the width of the global navigation bar only seems to be about 83 or 84 pixels.  In reading through your first question, I'm not sure that you're gaining much more "retail" space by collapsing something less than 100 pixels.  I believe websites should utilize space efficiently, but in this instance, I'm not sure what the extra benefit would be for instructors and students.  I agree with some of what  @kblack ​ notes above...though having the global navigation always visible, for me, makes accessing courses easy.  (We didn't have this a couple years ago when we were with our previous LMS, this has been a welcome feature.)

I came across this Feature Idea (now archived due to not getting enough votes), " modifiedtitle="true" title="Can You Design a Cleaner Interface--Perhaps Two-Columns?.  In his Feature Idea request,  @bruni ​ had some pretty interesting ways on how the left side navigation could be made simpler.  You might want to take a look at his idea.

Anyway...just thought I'd provide a couple thoughts here for you...hope this is helpful!

I have to respectfully disagree. Why does the Global Nav need to remain static? That's a loss of 85 pixels v. the old UI. Plus it increases screen clutter. A "competitor" uses a Global Nav menu that collapses down to a small ribbon when not in use. MUCH cleaner and a MUCH better UX.

Hi again, rgibson1​...

I'm not sure I can answer the "why" question.  If I had to guess, it's probably an ease-of-use reason.  I could see where if that menu was collapsed, if there was some kind of icon you could hover over that expanded the menu, that would be beneficial.  Though, like what  @kblack ​ was mentioning earlier, would people wonder what happened to it or how they can easily access their other courses?  If something like this were ever implemented, for me, I'd want it as an option to toggle it on/off ... or at least somehow give users a choice if they wanted it hidden or not.  My two cents.

Community Team
Community Team

rgibson1​, given how this conversation has evolved over time, I've just flipped the format over to a discussion (no single right or wrong answer), and I'm adding this comment to "bump" it a bit. Inasmuch as everyone will be converted over to the new UI as of July 9, 2016, perhaps, as  @kblack ​ noted in his comment, the time is right to rejuvenate for consideration in the next voting cycle. Thoughts?

Agreed. 😃