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New User Tutorial

Is there a way to allow all instructors to see the "New User Tutorial," not just instructors added since the tutorial was created?

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Community Coach
Community Coach, which "New user tutorial" are you talking about?


I'm piggy-backing off's question...There's a newish feature under the Account settings-->Feature Options called New User Tutorial. I did a search in the community, but can't find any additional information on what it is or looks like. 

I'm curious if anyone has a preview of it and if it can be turned on so not just new students can see it, but if current students and faculty can see it as well. 

Thanks for any help!


Here's an image of the Account Feature in Canvas: 


Community Coach
Community Coach

Community Coach
Community Coach


It looks like instructors can enable the tutorial from Settings if the feature is enabled at the account level 

Hope this is what you are looking for!