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No longer can see calendar view

Everytime I click to calendar view (using the android mobile app), I get a message that says "there was an error loading your students calendar". It has a retry button on the screen, I try that and it displays the same message repeatedly. This has now been going on for the past few days. I rely heavily on that part of the application to track my students progress and remaining work to complete. The rest of the application screens seem fine. 

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Hi @Esheafer ,

Without knowing what role you have in the course (teacher. student, parent, or other) and what app you are using (student, parent, teacher),  it's hard to say.  It may be that the if you are a parent or student the course isn't yet published.

Are you able to view the calendar when viewing from a web browser? 

If it's an issue with the app, you could try deleting the app from your device and downloading it again. 

If you reply with a bit more information, other's might be able to help with the issue. 

Hi @gnoack ,

Thanks for the reply. I am using the parent role. I am using the parent canvas app on my android phone. I just tried the web browser version and yes I can view the calendar just fine. The phone app had been working since the beginning of the school year, then suddenly around Wednesday of this last week, it just shows an error on the calendar view only. See screenshot below



Hi @Esheafer

If you can see the calendar using a web browser, then I can only guess there is something wrong with the app.  I would try restarting your phone.  If that doesn't work, try reinstalling the app.  If those both fail, I'd contact your child's school to let them know.  They may have a reason for it not working, or if not, they can submit a ticket to Instructure for it to be looked into. 

@gnoack thanks for the help, but reboot, uninstall / reinstall did not solve the issue. I'll reach out to the school for help.