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Non Graded Quiz

I would like to post a quiz that is non graded. Canvas keeps automatically adding 1 point. There doesn't seem to be a place to change the point value to 0. I've tried changing the label to non graded survey and it again adds a point value. How can I keep the quiz at 0 point value?

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Melissa, if you're creating a Classic Quiz, when you select Ungraded Survey, the points will be disabled completely. However, when you add questions, you must manually make each one 0 pts each.

For New Quizzes, when editing the point value from Assignments, set it to 0 and display the grade as points. (We had issues when setting to Complete/Incomplete, where an ungraded survey is marked as incomplete.)

From the Settings tab in New Quizzes, restrict the student result view so that points and correct/incorrect indicators are turned OFF.

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