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Not receiving messages from students.

I need a little help. I have searched through the help documents but can't find an entry related to message issues. I can send a message to my students with no trouble. I can send to one or many etc and I can confirm that those messages arrive. Yet when a student replies to the message I have sent, I receive nothing. Is there a setting somewhere I've missed or is it an error? I use a free teacher's account (I don't have enough students yet to justify paying). Any ideas?

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Assignment comments from students can be hidden in the inbox.  You have a drop down list with about 5 views of your inbox.  Submission comments do not enter the view labeled inbox.  You will also have a view labeled sent, where you can see the messages you have already sent, but when a reply comes in, that sent message should be threaded with the reply in your inbox.  There is also an archive view.  Maybe you are archiving your sent messages?  If you check all of those views and still don't see the missing replies, I would check with canvas support.

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Community Advocate

Hi @laFluff - when you say " I receive nothing" -- do you mean you don't receive the actual response message from the student? Or do you mean an alert in Canvas?  Or an email notification?

Do you see an alert on your Global Navigation like the one pictured?  I just had two people reply to a message of mine, and a new message sent to me, so I have an alert here with a number 3.  When I click on it it opens Inbox, and I see solid circles on the 3 new messages.   

This is with a paid account, so I apologize my experience is limited to that --  I'm not familiar with the free account.

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