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Notes from a K12 Teacher using the new Gradebook

New Canvas gradebook assessment:


  • When I tried to “View” my assignments by date order, both oldest to newest and newest to oldest, the assignments were not in the correct order.  For example, my “T-shirt Business” was on the wrong end. That may have been because it has multiple due dates, but those due dates aren’t weeks apart.  Why can’t either the old or new gradebooks deal with that?  
  • Of course, we’ve had the weird glitch between the Speedgrader and Gradebook – changing the sections isn’t always doable in Speedgrader once they’ve been changed in Gradebook.  I sent the video to the Canvas team.
  • The ability to “Filter” different ways to view and search the gradebook isn’t very intuitive.  You have to either know how to use it or be willing to play around with the gradebook.  Many teachers are especially wary of playing around with their gradebook because this is the official record for students’ GRADES.  I had to enter a grade for an assignment and thought it was just missing for some reason from the gradebook until I realized I had filtered only to one assignment group.  As you may realize, that will cause some teachers to FLIP OUT.  I’m not sure I want that headache.  Maybe if a filter has been applied for what assignments are showing, that filter field at the top of the page could turn bright yellow to remind teachers they’ve done that (especially if they open up the gradebook after several days have gone by.)
  • The hash marks, or lines, to help show both what assignment I’m in and which student I’m entering the grade for are so indistinct as to be not much of a help.  If the ability to order my assignments newest to oldest actually worked, it might be better.  I think it should be a bolder line or highlight of the entire row and column.
  • The colors that indicate missing, exempt, etc. are nice, but I want a color code key down below or above.  Otherwise, it’s just more confusing.  Having an “M” or “EX” in the grade field is enough.
  • I can’t click on the corner of each grade area to get to the comment/grade pop-up window and ultimately the Speedgrader page for that student’s submission to the assignment.  I LOVED being able to do that!  I’m guessing it’s in development to be able to do that and more, but I miss having it now.  If that capability is being removed, then I must ask “WHY!”
  • I found that I couldn’t enter a grade in the gradebook page and then move on to another grade box without hitting enter, the down button, or clicking somewhere at the top of the page.  That was surprisingly frustrating.
  • I still would like the heading of the assignment columns to include the due date, not just the name and points.  I thought we were going to get that.
  • I do not like the Individual View; it’s clunky.  I would rather just go to a student’s grade page like we used to.  That’s what parents and students see and what I print for face-to-face meetings.
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Community Team
Community Team

I'm going to refer you to at this point.  Mostly because you can see that the beta experience you are working in right now is a pretty small percentage of the full scope.  A lot of the items on your list above will be covered.