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Several of my students complain that they are not receiving notifications from their canvas student app. I have checked their settings and everything looks to be done correctly. However no notification arrives when I post something new as a teacher.

Is there anything to be done? Are you aware of this problem?

Thank you


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Community Coach
Community Coach

hi @Linnea - Could you double-check the course level options? This can be done through the mobile WEB version.

Notifications: Mute Notifications by Course (2020-04-18 Release) 

From my view as a teacher it is activated.


Is this something that the student need to double check for themselves? will the settings in the web version affect the app versions settings?


Course notifications override account notifications, so yes the student would need to check this. (They would need to check any and all notification settings as it's always per the individual, instructors can't set notification settings for students.)

I would assume that the setting set anywhere, from the app or web based version, would be applied everywhere.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @Linnea! Yes, @gnoack is right. The Course notifications override what is set at the account level. Students need to check this individually as teachers cannot set this for them. With settings at the account level, it does trickle to the app. However, the account level email notification and mobile push notifications are set separately.