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OAuth Setup

I am working on using our Canvas LMS OAuth to log users in to a web app so that they will have an canvas api access token. 

I've been given a developer key and have the client id and secret along with the url that was used for the redirect uri.

When i try to use it I get a response of: 

{"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"redirect_uri does not match client settings"}

I am thinking there is something wrong with the uri that was used.

The uri provided is your web server with a path of /canvascallback

I understand that the redirect_uri setting is exact. Is there maybe something more to the uri? does the state that is passed change the uri any?


I found the issue. There was a small type-o in the dev key setup which was throwing off. Took us forever to noticed a misplaced period Smiley Sad
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