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Observer Email Notification: "Click to View" link

When parents/observers receive email notifications, there's an embedded link that says Click to view. When parents click this, it brings them to the student login page. Is this a dead end for parents/observers?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @rmarker - Does your school use separate log-in pages? Many schools have a single log-in page for all users, no matter the role.

Surveyor II

Chiming in because we are also experiencing this after recently turning on observer access for our parents.  


We use SAML authentication for our students and faculty.  This means that observers need to login at /login/canvas instead of the link used by students/faculty that is sent out in the email.


I have not found anyway to change the link in the email sent out to observers.  Would appreciate any insight if this is possible...


Thank you!