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One Homepage Linked to Several Courses?

I have a similar question. My teachers have a course for each subject and a conduct course. Could ONE homepage be created in a course and have buttons that lead to a sub page with links to assignments and quizzes from another course? For example, The home page would have a link to the Language Arts Agenda PAGE, a math Agenda PAGE, etc. Then on those "sub" pages, create an agenda that contains links to assignments created in other courses?

Agenda Example


Monday - Watch video - link

Tuesday - Take quiz - link


Monday - Assignment 1 -  link

Tuesday - Assignment 2 - link

...and so on.

Can those links be connected to pages/quizzes/assignments in a different course?

Question 2 - Is there a way to create a home page for the student dashboards so it is the first thing they see? When a teacher is assigned several courses, what IS the first thing a student sees?

3. Can courses be hidden from student view?

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