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OneNote integration

Is anyone using the OneNote integration? If so, thoughts?

OfficeMix : Using OneNote Class Notebook with Canvas

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Our district is new to Office 365 and any integrations we support via Canvas will be optional for the foreseeable future. My excellent colleague,, is working to develop a OneNote Class Notebook course for teachers and we are hoping someone might confirm what we assume to be true . . .

Rather than confuse our existing Canvas users with no knowledge or skill related to OneNote Class Notebooks, we're going to recommend that the LTI installation occur at the course-level (not at the account level) for those that want to try it out. Each teacher that wants to enable the LTI tool in their Canvas course(s) needs to obtain their own Secret and Key, correct? (In other words, we can't provide them all with the same key and secret so that they can bypass the generation steps prompted at this site, right?)


Hi Stephen,

We are going to be adding the OneNote Class Notebook by the course and it looks to me like you will get an error message if you try to add the same key and secret to each course. That would confirm that you need each teacher to get their own unique key and secret. 

I am editing my response, because I was wrong.....You can add the same key and secret to multiple courses, without an issue. Or follow Matt's suggestion and add it at the course level, but install it as an xml with the code he shared below that disables the tool in the course navigation by default.


I just installed it at the account level with the key and secret and edited the XML file to hide OneNote by default from the user navigation. That way the teachers that want to use it just have to enable it in the Settings > Navigation screen.

You are so tricksie,!

Thanks for the tip! That will be very helpful!

Will I be seeing you at InstCon this year?


Indeed, you will! 

Thanks Matt,@Matt Hanes

Can you paste your code here so I can do the same? 

I didn't have a copy of whatever it is that I actually used but this should work for you. I just added that line that says the default for course navigation is that it is disabled. You can also change the name for the course navigation item so it says OneNote instead of Class Notebook if you want.

<cartridge_basiclti_link xmlns="" xmlns:blti="" xmlns:lticm="" xmlns:lticp="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
<blti:extensions platform="">
<lticm:property name="tool_id">CNC</lticm:property>
<lticm:property name="privacy_level">public</lticm:property>
<lticm:options name="course_navigation">
<lticm:property name="url"></lticm:property>
<lticm:property name="text">Class Notebook</lticm:property>
<lticm:property name="default">disabled</lticm:property>
<cartridge_bundle identifierref="BLTI001_Bundle"/>
<cartridge_icon identifierref="BLTI001_Icon"/>

Thank you Matt, that worked perfect.

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I love the integration of OneNote with Canvas. It is a fantastic combination of powerful tools. My big holdup with a full roll out with my teachers is I'm struggling to make it work with courses with multiple sections. I haven't found a way around having one notebook with 150 students in it. It will only allow the creation of a notebook for the main course, not individual sections of a course. Example: a Math teacher teaches the same course 4 times. I don't know if our courses are added incorrectly from our SIS. Has anyone experienced this?