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Open links in new tab

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How can you get web links to pictures to open in a new tab?

If I have an image that is hyperlinked to an external website, I'd like it to open in a new tab.  Currently, when editing it, there is not "load in a new tab" option when you hyperlink to pictures and it always opens in the same tab and replaces Canvas, which isn’t ideal. 

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Nice! I love a good keyboard shortcut I didn't already know about.

I'm frustrated that THIS is not the post that was promoted as the Correct Answer, as, clearly, it is. Thanks!

Is there some way to make this the default?  Rather than remembering (not my strong suit) to do this with every link?

Not at the moment,  @kapp_will ‌, and here's the feature idea you'd want to support to that end: 

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This does not force the app to open in a browser window.


In the new text editor (RTE)  choose External Link and it will automatically open in a new window. 

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With the new RTE automatically forcing links to open in a new window I now need to teach our staff to enter the HTML and TAKE OUT the target=blank tags so that it DOES NOT open in a new window. HELP PLEASE! Anyone? 

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Why is it that even when I am linking using "course link" it creates a link that opens in a new window?