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Is it possible to integrate OpenStax textbooks into canvas?

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Hi scatia@brocktonschool.com Welcome to the Canvas Community!

If by "integrate", you mean embed an ebook in Canvas in one form or another, then the answer is no, because Canvas does not include an ebook reader.

There is a great discussion about this at Embed a textbook in Canvas? And, you will even find a link for a third-party product that might be useful if you have money: VitalSource


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Hi Svetlana Catia,

And if by "integrate OpenStax" you mean like a course.. Yes! I did that in August, for an Anatomy and Physiology text. The Instructor Resources page has a Canvas Common Cartridge download available.

Open stax instructor resources page

And then in the course, they used a redirect link to the Textbook and then modules had link embeds of the book itself.

Open Stax book as a Canvas course

When I compare the embedded page in Canvas to the Textbook itself.. it's the same page. So yeah you can integrate with links in the module or through redirect links.

Open stax Canvas course modules view

I'm trying to find a help document for the redirect tool but I am unsuccessful. kelley.meeusen@cptc.edu‌ or stefaniesanders‌, what's a good reference document for the Redirect Tool?

In the meantime:

What are External Apps (LTI Tools)? 


Hope this information sparks some ideas for you,
Cheers - Shar

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ishar-uw‌, you've identified the right resources for enabling an external tool. I also like to provide this direct link to the app in the Edu App Center, as it provides the instructions for configuration: Redirect Tool - Edu App Center .