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Opportunities for Penpals and Exchange

Salut Canvas Community!

I am a French and Indonesian Teacher in Tasmania, Australia. I am just wondering if anyone has used Canvas between schools (internationally or interstate) as a form of Penpal style exchanges of information. 

I would love to have my students photograph and describe our school using basic French, but it would be even better if we could have another school read our information and share about their own school. The idea would have students using their language to share and receive information. They are only year 5/6 (aged 11 and 12). 

Has anyone conducted a similar experience? How did you do it? What tools did you use? Or is anyone interested in trialling this with me later in the year? 



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Great idea  @anita_wood  I've seen a similar idea presented via  @stacy_lambert .  Not necessarily a languages buddy system but inter-country. 

It would be fab to have a match making facility within Canvas for such things.