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Options on Canvas Free for Teachers

What is your experience with the Free for Teachers Canvas Options in terms of using videos, voice-over-PowerPoints, and quizzes? 

Also is there a limitation to the number of students?  

Can access be limited to just registered students or is there open-access?


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Hi Eleanor Burns,

I do not believe there is any limit on how many students you can add to a course in FFT.  You can invite anyone to a course with any role via any email address.  I have used quizzes and the media recorder in Canvas but do not have experience with voice-over PowerPoints.



Thanks Josh.  I appreciate your feedback.  Super helpful. 

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By the way, there is a special users group here in the Community for Free-for-Teacher users.  I tried to share your question into the group and found that it had already been shared.  Smiley Happy 

Thanks.  Smiley Happy