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Organizing discussions

My course has multiple modules and each module will have at least one, if not more, discussion prompts. What's the best way to keep track of the discussions: create a separate discussion group for each prompt, or put all the discussion groups, with their respective prompts, on the same discussion "page"? (If that's even possible.)


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Hi Chris,

I think I inadvertently creation discussion groups and Group 1,2,3. ( I rather overdid it since I wasn’t really sure about the concept at the time.)

Here’s a shot a a Group discussion with links to topics/readings/etc. If this makes sense, then I was going to create multiple group Discussion pages for the different topics.



I think your initial setup looks good,  @howardmichaelda .  I think as long as you set up your other discussion topics similar to this one, you should be fine.  You can use the same Group Set for your other topics, or if you want different groups of students matched up together for your other topics, you can set that up on your Groups page.  Good luck!

Thanks for you help, Chris,