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PDFs not Opening on iPad

Uploaded PDFs not opening with TOOL BAR on the iPad.

Uploaded PDFs get redirected to Files on Safari.

Files are not working properly on desktop browser either.

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Community Member

Yes! This is becoming a serious issue for us. Our students and teachers can no longer edit pdfs, and to add to that students are being prompted to enter their username and password every so often when trying to access pdfs. Can a fix please be deployed soon!

Community Member

I'm having the same issue here.  When they click on the PDF they get the prompt "File not Found."  Funny, it was there last week.  I can see the file on my Edit page.  Also, any GIF images that I put on prior to this week are not visible to the students.  They are visible on the my Edit page and were to them up until this week.  I know Canvas pushed out an update, that clearly they had not tested.  Now they are sending out patches to correct the problems.  It fixed one problem with uploading images that started last week, but clearly there are still problems that need remediation.  I don't even know if they know about the problems yet.