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Pale green publishing button

I have a discussion post for several different times with 8 students in each group.  I published it but it is showing up as a pale green not red. and it is not showing up for the students.  It states that it is an unpublished module on their side.

How do I fix this?

Thank you

Dr. Lang-Catlin

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Hi Dr. Lang-Catlin,

What's likely going on here is that your discussion exists in a module you haven't published yet. I see this happen all the time! What you'll need to do is visit your Modules page and track down which unpublished module/s the discussion has been added to. Then, choose whether you want to publish the module or remove the discussion from the module. If you remove the discussion from the module, nothing about the discussion will change or be deleted; students just won't be able to access it from that place on the Modules page.

Here're some guides to help!

How do I publish or unpublish a module as an instructor?

How do I remove module items?

If you're having trouble figuring out which module is being troublesome, feel free to send us a screenshot of your Modules page and let us know what the name of the discussion is so we can help you spot it!

All the best,
Danielle Casey

eLearning Program Coordinator

Lower Columbia College


I have already tired that, I cannot track down that part of it. Other students have posted it from the first group. It is now the second group that is having problems and it will not publish. I have never had this issue in any other classes I have taught.

Thank you

Vicky Lang-Catlin, DNP, MSN/Ed, CNE, CLE, RN

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I am having the same problem. I can't figure it out. My modules are all published.


I had the same problem and just figured it out. I had the discussion in a published module and I had it listed 3 times-one for Period 1, one for Period 2, and one for Period 3 kids. I also had put Requirements on the module as they moved through it. The first discussion was the normal green but it was the second two that were pale. I took off the Requirements and the pale green went back to normal.