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Panopto video submission on Canvas mobile app

If you have had students submit video assignments created on a cel phone through Panopto I would love to confirm my findings or hear suggestions. 

Yes you can go on a computer and submit a panopto video by setting it up as a text submission. Looks good.

I want to streamline this in getting the large video from a cel phone into panopto.


  1. It looks like they can upload the video to Panopto with Canvas app or Panopto app. Easy.
  2. We know that you can't submit the Panopto video in the canvas student app. You need a computer/browser, UGGH! I go on the browser on my computer or phone and I can see the video in the assignments folder under the panopto tab. BUT I can't see a video I just submitted when I try to submit the assignment as a student following the instructions of inserting the panopto video into the assignment. I could upload it here but then I need to save the video to the computer. 
  3. The problem is I don't want to have to save the video from the phone to a computer or cloud drive. Keeping it simple 

panopto submission.JPG

Can students add the video to panopto and then finish the assignment on the computer? I thought it may be an issue with an instructor trying to add act as a student?

Thanks a heap? 

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