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Parent can log into Parent App, but not on a desktop

We have a teacher that is trying to be paired with her child/student in the school. 

She has successfully created an account and is linked with her student on the Parent App, but when she tries to log into Canvas on the desktop, it does not work.

She used her personal email, not her school email BECAUSE, when she logs in with her school email, it takes her to her Canvas courses. She wants to keep the school and home life separate. 

She has tried both our and When using our school canvas, it gives here a 404 error message. When using the generic canvas page, it tells her that her username and password are incorrect. 

She has attempted to reset her password and that also does not work. 

Anyone else having this issue or know how it can be resolved? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

I think it's awesome that she's keeping the accounts separate! I think it's a smart way to navigate the dual roles, for sure. 🙂

One tip you could share with her is the different Chrome profiles. Share Chrome with others - Computer - Google Chrome Help With this, she can be signed into Canvas under her work profile and signed into Canvas under her personal profile ...and never have to log out to switch views.

The only place her Observer credentials will work is in the The other URL is for free-for-teacher accounts and won't work.

You're correct with the passwords - The same username and password combination your teacher used for her Canvas Parent app should work for the browser too. Besides checking the standard "no spaces in front of the user name" and "check caps lock", I am not sure what would be causing the issue.

I wonder why the "forgot password" doesn't work for her personal email address. As an admin, can the password be reset manually? I know I've done that for families in the rare instance that the email to reset the password doesn't reach the inbox.

Let the Community know what you learn/discover along the way!