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Parts of canvas invisible to clients

My course is published, the students can see their modules and some content, but assignments, quizzes and conferences are and other tabs are still blocked from view.  There doesn't seem to be a setting to change just for this.  I've tried adding something under one of those files, and publishing it, but the students get an error message of "unavailable" or it just doesn't show up.  What am I missing?  

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Community Team
Community Team

 @soclwrkrjvh ‌, are the course navigation links enabled as visible? The instructor can easily tell in their view because disabled navigation links have a crossed-out eyeball on them. To change the visibility, the instructor would navigate to the Settings | Navigation area of the course and follow the instructions in How do I manage Course Navigation links?

If that's not what is causing the issue, please come back so we can continue to work with you on this.