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Pasting formatted text into Canvas pages

In the last 2-3 weeks, I've seen several instances where formatted text that's been pasted into the RCE (e.g., a page or syllabus description) does funky line wrapping -- specifically wraps in the middle of a word.  Viewing the HTML editor shows nothing amiss.

Instructure support acknowledges that this happens and suggests pasting in *unformatted* text.  That, of course, prevents the problem with wrapping but it also deletes all the nice formatting that we want to keep!

Anyone else experiencing this problem?  It feels to me like it's a recent issue but I'm not quite sure.

And if anyone has any workaround that lets you paste in formatted text (most of our users are trying to do it out of MS Word) but prevents mid-word line wrapping I'd love to hear about it.

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Much as  @Steve_Watts ​ stated, I not only experienced a difference between browsers, but ALSO a difference between methods used!  In Firefox, if you right-click and select Paste there is no formatting that appears.  However, if you use the Ctrl-V method of pasting into Firefox it works perfectly well!  This makes it all so lovely to try to explain to faculty members.  (Now, adding in Chrome's non-support of Java, we have another fine mess ahead of us with browser usage!)

BTW, has a reason ever been made why there is no "paste" button in the RTE, to begin with?


Heh, I think this is something we've all been dealing with but not really talking about? Yeah, I've experienced issues or heard reports of issues with extra spacing being added between lines or formatting loss when pasting from Microsoft Word documents. The best advice I can give my faculty is to redo the content in the RCE or embed the document. Since this mostly comes up with a syllabus they usually choose the latter for providing students the ability to download the file with one click.

I'm not really sure what can be done about this. Seems like the languages different documents speak and what TinyMCE speak aren't always matching up. There is a feature idea for ​ and you can export to HTML in many document editors but I'm not that confident in their quality. Would a "convert pdf file to page" function be more reliable and widely supported?


Hey  @vkg ​,

Will any workarounds mentioned so far serve as a "correct answer" for the purpose of this discussion or would you be ok with me converting this from a question to just a normal discussion?