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Pay-for-Print Options in Canvas

We are reviewing our current pay-for-print option at Los Rios, and I was just curious to see what other folks in the community are doing at their institutions.

I am not seeing any solutions currently in the EduApp center, and I am working with a vendor that seems interested in developing an app for Canvas, but if there are any solutions currently in-place being used by other institutions I would definitely be interesting in hearing about them.

Basically something that allows for students to load their card and print to labs is what we are looking for.  If they can do this through Canvas and manage it electronically through Canvas (as part of Canvas) that would be our preference.  There are standalone options, but it would be great to have something integrated in Canvas.



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @ken_cooper ...

I'm not aware of any integrations that would only allow you to print from Canvas.  At our Technical College, all new students to the College get a one-time $40.00 (approx. 500 black & white pages) credit to their account to use for printing whatever they want (Canvas or otherwise) from a campus printer.  It's my understanding that students can add additional money onto their school account at any time using either their credit card or PayPal account.  I believe that our IT department uses a product called "PaperCut MF" for all of this.  (I don't know all the behind-the-scenes details on I'm not part of the IT networking team on campus.)

Also, a bit unrelated, but I wanted to let you know that I have converted your "Question" to a "Discussion" since there may be a variety of answers to your question.  A "Question" typically will have a "Correct" answer, but a "Discussion" is more open-ended, and there might be more than one way to accomplish the same thing.  I hope that this change is alright with you, Ken.

That's perfect, thanks so much for the input Chris!  If there isn't an integration for Canvas that I am unaware of (what I was hoping for) then it's definitely more of a discussion.

Adventurer II

We use Wepa kiosiks, but they can be used to print anything and are not directly integrated into Canvas. 

Thanks for the info  @dhulsey ‌!  Reading a bit more about Wepa the integration they developed for UCLA using Moodle is what I was looking for. 

It will be interesting to see if they develop one for Canvas as well to streamline the process (versus making our students upload the document to Wepa from their Google Drive, for instance).

That is interesting; I had not looked at their Moodle integration. I can see how a direct integration would be convenient for students to print Canvas materials.