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Peer Reviews for Student Who Did Not Submit Assignment

I have set up my class so that each week, two students submit papers for peer review, and I manually assign everyone else in the class to review these two students. I assign the assignment to everyone, even though only two students must submit, because this is the only way I can assign all students peer reviews. This seems to be a glitch on Canvas. It should be possible to assign Peer Reviews to students who are not required to submit an assignment. The problem then, is that students can sometimes find the Peer Review in their "To Do" list, but cannot find it under assignments on the sidebar because they won't see their assigned peer reviews unless they themselves have submitted. This means that if they accidentally x-ed an item off the to do list, there is no way to access the peer review again, and also there is no way to go back to view previous peer reviews. Is there any work around?

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