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Peer Reviews not Auto Assigning

Does anyone know other reasons a Peer Review would not auto assign when the teacher has set it to do that? Even when the teacher clicks the "Assign Peer Reviews" after students have submitted their assignments, the Peer Reviews DO NOT get assigned. Nothing in Canvas Guides indicates a reason that Auto Assign would not work other than students submitted late. However, the work around should be the teacher clicking the "Assign Peer Reviews" button herself. 

I am wondering if it has anything to do with entering grades in for the students before the Peer Review assign time? 

Also, would like to add that this assignment is a Group Assignment, so students would submit for their group. However, she toggles back and forth from Group Grading vs. Individually Grading, so I also wonder if that affected anything?

I wanted to see everyone else's experience before bringing it up to Canvas Support.

Thank you.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi cpadavano.  This is a good question.  I haven't tried using that particular button.  Normally after the due date I will click the link under the student's names to give them papers to peer review.  Since you posted this question a few days ago I thought I would check back and see if you had contacted Support and if so what insight they had.


I have not sent it to support yet, things came up, but I will here soon. I wanted to see if the Community had anything as a quicker update, but sounds like a lot of elements may have been triggered warranting more troubleshooting. I'll update if I get an answer so everyone else has an update.   

Learner II

One of our instructors just told me she had this exact same problem though it happened in her summer 2018 course. She's back to teach the same course again this summer and wanted to know if this is still a problem so I searched the community and found this post. I would like to know more about this as well. Thanks!

Great to know it had happened more than once. She didn't have any clues as to what could have prevented her, did she?

I have sent a ticket to my tech side who works with Canvas Support, but sounds like there has not been a solution yet since I have not heard back yet. Will still update when I get something!

Hi cpadavano.  I thought I would check back and see  if you had heard from Canvas Support on the ticket you submitted.  Hopefully the problem has been fixed, but I was curious as to whether your heard what this issue was.

Thanks for the update!

Hi ericwerth, Nothing new, unfortunately...

Sorry to hear that cpadavano If you haven't heard back on your ticket you could contact Support again and request an update.  I've done this a few times with tickets I submitted and the agent was happy to check on the status.  Hopefully the problem gets resolved soon!

All the best---

Community Member

I just had this problem and discovered why (at least for MY assignment) Peer Reviews were not assigned automatically nor could I assign them manually.

Apparently, if there is NO DUE DATE on the assignment, Peer Reviews will not be assigned. I had inadvertently failed to put a due date in the original assignment, but as soon as I corrected that, the problem was resolved.