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Peer review without submitting

Is it possible for a student to complete a peer review if they themselves have not submitted to the assignment?

I think currently a student has to have submitted something before they can peer review another.

We think this might be a useful option as we've had a couple of incidents where postgrad students are included in a course (not as teachers or TA) but we would like them to offer peer review comments but wouldn't be submitting to the assignment themselves.


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The automatic settings will randomly assign each student with a submission the specified number of peer assignments to review.  However, once all the submissions are in, you can also manually assign peer reviews.  In the right side menu of the assignment page there is a link to peer reviews.  On that page there is a list of every student in the class, and you can use the controls below an individuals name to add submissions to review, or the right side menu to add submissions to everyone.

In your case, your post-grads need to be enrolled in canvas as students.  If everyone is assigned to do a peer review, plus the post-grads, you will have some submissions reviewed more than once.  The system allows that, however I am not certain how it will show up in student view.

thanks for the reply. but it doesn't answer the key question.

do students have to submit prior to be able to complete a peer review themselves?

@r_v_jonesno, they do not have to submit, but they will not be automatically assigned to a review without a submission.  You will need to do that manually.  My previous response details how to do that.