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Plagiarism Detection Programs

I am looking for information on alternate plag detection programs.  In the past, we used Turnitin and then switched to Vericite.  However, since those two have merged, we are now on the hunt once again.

I am looking at PlagScan and Unicheck - anyone have experiences with either of these?  Pros and cons?

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Cost was the initial reason we went with Vericite.  Also,  most of our faculty were not using all the "bells and whistles" - just the basic services, so it was a waste to pay for services they didn't want to use.  Vericite was the perfect solution.  The other reason we switched was the customer service was subpar.  Trying to get someone to return a message was difficult. Now that Veriticite is merging with Turnitin, our institution is looking once again.


That makes sense.


Hello Lecia Sims, as one of the main reasons for you to switch to another tool was the cost, I would suggest you considering Unicheck. It is cheaper than Turnitin. It is very easy to set up and safe to use. 

Spending no more than 20 seconds per page, Unicheck's real-time search covers over 40 billion sources across open access and educational databases, as well as the web index. We strive to deliver only the most accurate and up-to-date results, so we make sure that any broken or outdated links do not appear in our reports.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can always contact our helpful support team at and they will be glad to assist you.