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Posting Video Using the Canvas Student Mobile App

Prior to the current version of the Canvas Student App, users were able to post videos from their phone on a Discussion Board assignment and have the video embedded on the Discussion Board thread itself. The embedded video makes it easy for the teacher to watch and grade the assignment.

The current version of the Canvas Student app (V 6.2), however, seems to only allow attachments (paperclip icon) to the discussion board responses. This means that in order to watch the video, the user must download the video file and watch it on their computer. Has the embed feature been removed from the app or is it somewhere else? 


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I am going to share this over with the‌ to see if anyone there can help you with your question.

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @jtiangco ‌, 

I'm kind of speculating here, but I'm almost sure this feature was removed to improve performance of the discussion board. The iOS app was notorious for being really bad when it came to discussions performance, so there was some effort to fix that, and this might have been something that had to be cut out. 

Check out this update by the Mobile Product Manager under "Version 6.1: New, shiny, and performant course announcements and discussions!" on the following page: -- It gives a little more info on discussions for mobile. 

Feel free to jump in and ask this question. 

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Nooooooooooo!  This is sooooo frustrating!     Our elementary and middle school students only have iPads, and have so very little they can do on them when it comes to Canvas.   Discussions was the ONE place I knew they were supposed to easily record their audio/ video directly.   And now that feature is gone.   

I really have such a challenge being able to support our teachers with students on iPads....  

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So what my students and I have discovered is that using the mobile device's browser (i.e. Apple's Safari or Android's Chrome/Internet) can still work with posting on the discussion board videos taken using the mobile device. The videos are still embedded on the board rather than showing up as an attached file. 

Hi  @jtiangco ‌ -- I was hoping this would work, but it's not working for us.  On Safari, while we do see the Rich Content Editor and the icon for Record/Upload Media, we get the notification that Flash is required and it just spins and spins.    And that's the issue with the iPads -- no Flash.  Perhaps you all have some kind of add on your iPads to allow Flash?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @jtiangco ‌ &  @Hildi_Pardo ‌, 

It appears I didn't fully understand this question, but I think it is based around not being able to attach or record audio or video directly to a discussion reply. If that is the case, IT IS an option again. 

When a user replies to a message, they will need to tap the photo icon on the right side of the Rich Content Editor. 


This will then allow students to attach a media file or record audio/video so it shows up inline in the discussion. 


Below is an example of me recording a video in the Canvas Student app and then displaying it in the app: 


If this isn't working for your students, make sure they have the latest version of the app, if not, let me know and we'll dig deeper. 

Hope this helps. 

Wonderful!  I tested it and it does work!   A bit misleading having to click to "Add Attachment" when really you are expecting to see "Record Audio" or "use Camera".          Actually, when I click on the Image icon, I get the same as you -- I get another screen that says "No Attachments -- Add an attachment by tapping the plus at the top right."   When I click the plus sign I get:  "Use Camera" and then I get the option for Video or Photo.

However, one thing that is different on my iPad than the image you shared, is that on the Reply screen I also have a paperclip icon on the top Right (to the left of the word Done).   If I click on the paperclip, and then get the Attachments page with the +, and click it, I then get the added menu option of:  Record Audio.

I will try to add images below momentarily.

This is my Reply screen on my student iPad -- notice I have the Image icon on the bottom right, but also have the Paperclip icon on the top right, just to the left of Done.Reply Screen

If I click on the Image icon, I then click on the +, and then get these three options-- if I choose Use Camera, then I see options for Photo or Video  (but not Audio).

Image Icon options

If I click on the PaperClip icon, I get these four options:

PaperClip Option

And sometimes we don't need Video -- just Audio.   So this would be the preference (click on PaperClip).

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This worked for me as well. I needed the video embedded into the discussion forum, not an attached video the learners would need to download to their devices to view. So...

Paperclip attachment = file to download

Insert image from RTE = embedded video

I'll toss my view in the mix when I say the embedded video should be the option. A video in the discussion forum that needs to be downloaded to be viewed is a video that will never be viewed.