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Power BI and onsite Canvas Data warehouse

Hi We are currently downloading the daily Canvas data files into our own SQL server data warehouse. We're using power BI to start creating reports/dashboards. Would be really interested in connecting with anyone in similar situations to discuss practice and share any findings

Many thanks


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Community Team
Community Team

Let's get some visibility on your call for collaborators,‌! I've shared this with the‌ and‌ groups, and have also shared it into the‌ space. And, since it's a prompt more likely to elicit open-ended discussion than a single correct answer, I've flipped the format over to a discussion post.

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Hi! We have two sessions coming up on you might want to RSVP to or follow for more information. If you have any questions about the events, feel free to post them in the comments section at the links below so the host has the opportunity to respond. Hope to see you there!

Oct. 5  9:30am MDT / 11:30am EDT

Learning Analytics and Canvas Data

Oct. 10 12pm MDT / 2pm EDT

Accessing Your Canvas Data with CanvasDataViewer: Encore!


Thanks Adam, Stephanie. Currebtly exploring the data and conducting some basic modelling. We've just gone live with Canvas so it is a very busy time and as a result my time to explore is limited. I'll take a look at these and definitely share anything that I find Smiley Happy

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Hi Phil,

We're pretty new to Canvas Data too, and it sounds like we are on the same track as you. Currently we have a test VM spun up and I've successfully downloaded/imported the CD files. My next step will be working on the modeling/reporting. I'd love to hear how your progress is coming.


Brian Mullins


Brian This siunds Great. Let’s keep in touch. Phil

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Hi all - 

We are brand new to Canvas - coming over from Blackboard (thank goodness!!).  We are also a Microsoft shop and will be putting the Canvas API data into a SQL data warehouse.  I just started with using the canvasDataCLI node.js tool and have our tables downloading and unpacking - super easy!!  The next thing I need to do is put them into SQL Server.  I was going to use an SSIS solution, but will need to build up my tables and relationships.  I can certainly do that by hand, but may take quite some time.  Does anyone have a set of scripts that can create the blank SQL Server schema needed for the API data to load into?

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Hi All-

I just landed this page while searching on ways to connect canvas reports to Power BI.

I am incredibly new to the canvas, but I do see a Developer Keys section in there that allows creating API Keys.

I am hoping to connect Power BI using the Web Data source and providing the URL. I am running into some challenges doing the same, but I learned more on API to get ideas on that.

Has anyone else tried that approach?


Hi Ratika,

I have not seen this approach before. The way I'm getting Canvas information into our power bi is one of two ways. 

  1. I have setup code that calls the canned reports available in Canvas and downloads the #csv report‌ data into SQL tables.
  2. Download #canvas data‌ on a daily basis into SQL

I then connect our PBI to our SQL to run queries for of our reports we have in PBI. This also allows us to connect Canvas data with our SIS to be able to produce more in depth reports. 


Can you please detail a little bit on how you are moving the report's data into SQL? Is it using SISS?

My first thought was to move the data into SQL but then I saw the Developer key option in the canvas as I got the admin access.

331198_Developers Keys.png