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Pre-Test Grade to Affect Following Assignments

So here's what I want my course to accomplish:

So I'm hoping to make this course a self-guided learning tool. There are 6 modules or topics the student needs to learn about. There is one module each week, but this doesn't need to be moderated through Canvas itself. Each module includes a pre-test, a series of resources and learning tools, then a post-test. I was hoping to have the pre-test function as a "test-out" sort of assignment. If a student gets higher than a certain percentage, they do not need to complete the learning tools or post-test, and can automatically access the next section.

What I'm asking about:

I was hoping this would be easily accomplished through a pass/fail system (note I have already created a pass fail system through this guide: but it doesn't seem you can add actions based on the grade of an assignment. Is there any setting I can add to automatically assign or unlock different resources based on the grade of one quiz?

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Have you looked into Mastery Paths?

Also, the Canvas Release notes on Mastery Paths provide some more in-depth information.

Additionally, at about 6 minutes into this video from InstructureCarn '18 the presenters talk about how what you want to do works.

Hope that helps, let us know!

-Sky V.

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