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Pre- and Post-Assessment via Canvas

I want to include two short assessment instruments in my 2nd 8-week courses that begin in October. They should be offered as an anonymous assessment instrument. I need to administer these in at the start of term and again at the end of term, and need some way to match the first and last by student so that I can better assess growth/change by individuals. I confess the last time I did surveys like this was back in the pen & paper days, when I simply added a code (e.g., I might have used a random alphanumeric code for each paper survey). 
Question #1: how do I track/match Canvas submissions at different time periods (first week, then last week) while assuring student anonymity?
And Question #2: which is better--combine into a single instrument or administer separately?
I hope to use these 2nd 8-week classes to set up a process for a pilot in the Spring 2021 term using all the basic course sections.
My thanks for all suggestions and advice!
~Susan Holmes
Assistant Professor (Instructor and Course Designer)
NorthWest Arkansas Community College
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