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Pre-load content during the course creation process

Is it possible to preload a module into all courses created for a term?

Basically, we would like to provide a student information module about the support resources on campus and have it available in each course.

In other LMSs, I have been able to select what template I wanted the courses to follow when they were created.  I haven't been able to figure if this is possible in Canvas.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @eosika , yes, this is possible, but not on the front end of Canvas. If I remember correctly it would need to be done through the API. For this type of information we will need the help of the‌ group! I'll go ahead and share your question with that group and hopefully someone will respond with some assistance!


 @eosika ‌,

There isn't a method that allows you to create a course and copy some content into it using one call.  You would create the course as normal and then you could use the Copy Course Content to Copy the content from the "Master Course" into the newly created course and by doing so would allow every course you create to have the student support module loaded in there.

Courses - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation 

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‌ This might be something to look at on passing content into multiple courses. Smiley Happy

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello  @eosika ‌...

I thought that I would check in with you because there hasn't been any new activity in this particular discussion topic since you first posted this question on April 20th an then received a few replies later that day.  Have you had a chance to review these replies?  If so, did any of them help to answer your question?  Or, are you still looking for some assistance with this?  If you feel that one of the above responses did help to answer your question, please go ahead and mark it as "Correct".  However, if you still are seeking assistance, please come back here to post a reply below so that members of the Canvas Community can continue to help you.

One thought I had that was not yet mentioned would be to create a public Canvas course with that content in it, and then add it as a custom link in your "Help" menu.

Visibility Settings

If you use the above settings for a new course shell, then you can make a link to that course in your "Help" menu.  You don't need to enroll any students, and you can choose to hide or show as many of the course navigation buttons as you want.  In this course, you could add all the Student Support Resources materials that you'd want to make available to your students.  Then, if anything ever needed updating, you do it one time, and it's changed for all students.  To me, this sounds a lot easier and less time-consuming that putting the same set of resources in every single course.  It would maybe take a bit of training or announcements posted inside a course or on the Dashboard that this "course" is available through the "Help" menu.

For now, because there hasn't been any new activity in this thread for quite some time, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered", but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional replies below.  I hope that's okay with you.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Elizabeth.