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Prerequisite issues

Hi. I am playing around with settings in modules to really understand how to set it up and how it works from a student's perspective. I set up 2 modules and made it a prerequisite to complete the first module before moving on to the second one. I noticed, in student view, that I could see and access assignments in the second module even though I did not complete all the required material in the previous module. Is this a glitch or is there something in the settings for both modules that I am doing wrong? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi Meghan:

This is one of the areas in which Student View is not like an actual student; and in this case, your teacher role permissions bleed over and you can still access the otherwise restricted module. There is a feature idea to change this behavior at Real Student View 

Check it out, and support by voting if you agree.

Another option that many of us use is to have your school's Canvas Admin create a set of "test" or "dummy" students that you can enroll in your courses to use to test features when Student View is not effective.


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