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I want to place a prerequisite on a module in which the students have to view all the videos in the other module that is the prerequisite.  Does Canvas have the capability to know if a student has watched all the videos in the required module before opening up the new module for them?  I can't test this myself in student view unless I play all the videos and that will take some time to do.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Canvas doesn't have a way to see if students actually watched the videos.  If you all of the videos on different pages within a module and then set requirements that they must view each page with the video; all they would really need to do is click through each without actually watching (but hopefully they watch).

One trick I often suggest is that when you set requirements instead of using the View option, use the Mark as done option.  This still doesn't force them to watch the video, but it does make them take the extra step to click a button saying they completed it and maybe this will help encourage them to do so.

One other option if you happed to have Canvas Studio or even another integrated video product such as VidGrid or Panopto is to add questions in the videos, then set them up as video assignments.  Here is the idea; a video has question added at random parts within the video for students to answer. They don't need to be difficult, but it kind of forces students to watch so they can answer.  All three of those video systems can pass back grades to assignments, so then in your requirements specific they need to score a certain amount in order for it to be complete.

That option above will only work if your school has one of the video tools available and even then I'm not saying it's a great idea.  But you know your students best to determine if a set up is needed like that to ensure they watch vs something more trusting such as marking complete.