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Prevent student from starting a conference

I am running an independent course. My students have no need to start their own conference, just to join ones I set up.

Several times now students have been 'experimenting' and have clicked the new conference button resulting in all the students getting an email for a conference that does not exist. Is there a setting to disallow students from setting up their own conference.

Thank you


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @SARC-Basic ...

I am not sure of an answer for you, but I would like to bring @ffdixon into this conversation in hopes that he will be able to help answer your question. Good luck to you!

Explorer II

I am the product manager for BigBlueButton. While I work at Blindside Networks, the company that provides hosting for Canvas Conferences to Instructure, and can't speak on behalf of Instructure, I can respond to your question.


Are you using the Free For Teachers or a school's instance of Canvas?  By default, students can not start a conference unless they (a) have been given student groups (by default they can start conferences in student groups) or (b) the course permissions have been changed to allow students to start conferences.

Do you know if either (a) or (b) is in effect?


Regards,... Fred


I am using the software without having made any changes to permissions. I just sign up the students and give them access. It is an independent Amateur Radio emergency communications course. I do not know if there is a setting to turn off the ability for the student to start a conference.