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Preventing an "assignment" from showing up in a student's gradebook.

I use non-submitted "assignments" for my content, so that I can, if I want, track them, assign to specific groups, assign on certain dates, etc...  (It gives me flexibility that "pages" don't).  Is there a way to prevent them from showing up in a student's gradebook?  The fact that I choose not to use it for final grade calculation doesn't seem to affect it.  I'd like to "tidy up" their gradebook, so it doesn't get too confusing.


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If you set "display grade" to "not graded" the assignment will not appear in the gradebook (for you or for the students).  You will no longer be able to select a submission type, because no submission will be possible.  This will also remove some of the features you are relying on for tracking, but you will still have access to assign to specific students and availability dates. 

There are other options you can try depending on the specific  features you were including. 

Pages now have to-do dates (but not availability dates or assign to specific students.)  You can use mastery pathways to let students self-assign a set of pages based on their responses to a classic quiz.  But those assigned pages will lack to-do dates. 

Whether you use assignments or pages, you have an alternative tracking option in modules.  If you give every assignment and page a module requirement (view, submit, mark complete) you can track each student's progress moving through the modules tab.  When you click "view progress" on that tab you can move through a list of students, and the page will only display the requirements of "in progress" modules that students have not yet met.  All other modules will be marked as completed, unlocked, or locked.  Unlocked modules are modules students have access to but have not started.

If you use modules, you can also use those to control access to pages and assignments. You can set module requirements by selecting edit from the three dot menu on each module title.

For a more direct solution, you might contribute to this idea conversation.


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