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Print a Roster with Pictures


Original Topic Title: Question

I am a TA and would like to print out a roster of my students with their pictures. How can I do this?

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Google: "redneck engineering"

For some reason Jive is adding the .zip extension. Do you know how to get around this?

awilliams, Hmm -- maybe it's a security feature to make sure that people?

A quick google search confirms that's why they're doing it and that there's no way to turn it off -- well, there is a way but it's really recommended that you don't do it in an external community and you can't do it in Jive Cloud.

Attachment Compression FAQ | JiveWorks 

That's why we need to get the legality issue solved and then find a place to upload them so that people can install them directly without having to copy/paste them.

 @buellj  gave us the legal green light up above! Yay!!

Hello  @alistair_kwan  

I'm with  @kblack  ... freaking awesome!

A couple of semesters ago I started offering extra credit to students who uploaded a headshot as their avatar picture (to try and reduce anonymity a bit). Because images were so small, 'grading' was a nightmare. I am SO happy about this simple fix. Thank you!

this link is no longer working.


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Community Coach

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this last year, but I had found some code to add to the global JS and CSS that allows for a "Face Book and Learning Mode" option.  Custom JS/CSS - Face Book and Learning Mode  It puts a button on your "People" page to enlarge the profile pictures...and it goes a step further to hide the student names (if you want) in order to learn students faces/names.  If you follow the links in my above link, there are some screen shots the author has provided.  This also includes a nice print-out of student profile photos.

Chris Hofer  @john were you able to integrate it permanently into your university's canvas instance? I am trying to add a photo roster in our canvas at SJSU. Would really appreciate your help on this.

Hi  @abhijeet_rawat ‌...

The code we used was added to our global JavaScript and CSS files, and so the "Face Book and Learning Mode" option is now available for all our courses in our Canvas instance.  dwk2‌ was the author of the code I found on GitHub, so you'd have to ask him for assistance if you ran into issues.  I know a bit about how to add JS and CSS code to our global file, but interpreting the code is another story.  Hope this helps.

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A while back someone posted code that would reformat the page using Google Developer, does anyone have this code and instructions?