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Print a Roster with Pictures


Original Topic Title: Question

I am a TA and would like to print out a roster of my students with their pictures. How can I do this?

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Community Coach

Hi there, isbratch​...

The best resource I can point you to is something that  @James ​ recently posted for the Canvas Community over in the Higher Education group (if you've not joined that group yet, you might want to consider following it to receive updates).  Here is his blog posting: Course Roster Enhancements

Also, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to modify the subject line of this posting and also tag it with keywords so that it is easier for people to search for should they have similar questions.  If the revised title doesn't quite reflect what you are asking, please let me know so that we can work to make any necessary corrections.  Hope this is ok with you!

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Hey isbratch, I think the view from the "People" page is the most concise list of students and their image is there, albeit quite small. There is a blog post by  @James ​ called Course Roster Enhancements​ that explains how to use some other tools to provide a more user-friendly list of students and their avatar pictures. There is also an Android app called Teacher Tools​ that provides a way to learn student names by their avatar pictures.

Hello Ian and everyone,

I've been frustrated with the size of the pictures so I submitted an idea to allow users to select the photo size. I know the roster photos can be printed in a larger format because I've done so manually and I can do so through Angel. So I'm hoping Canvas will allow us to print rosters with larger photos as well. If you like the idea perhaps you can go and give a positive vote to the idea:

Also, if you like the idea perhaps you can share it with colleagues.



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The photo roster portion of that has been abandoned. It's still out there if people want to build off of it, but Canvas changed the layout and I never got around to updating it.

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 @alistair_kwan ‌ - This is freaking awesome!  It does not deserve to be buried here.  Do you remember who at Seattle University did this originally?  This is certainly worth of a Community blog or document.  Somewhere that it's more visible than this!

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By the way, I might add that this does work in Firefox, as well, though the user would first have to enable debugging, which is turned off by default in Firefox.  Just start up the Firefox Web Console and click the settings icon, enabling the checkbox shown below.  But to be sure, the quickest way for most users will be through Chrome.

219126_firefox console.jpg

Yes, this is very sweet!  @James , how hard would it be to wrap this up in a user script so you could easily toggle it when needed?

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 @alistair_kwan ‌

That is indeed an impressive solution and it doesn't have to re-download the avatars like mine did so it's faster. It doesn't come out as a PDF, but I actually like it more than my PDF version and it's easy to make a PDF from a browser.  It was also posted in 2014, well before I started writing stuff for Canvas -- if I would have stumbled across it at the time, I wouldn't have had to spend a week writing my version to make a PDF.

 @kblack ‌

It works in Firefox (at least for me) even if the enable browser chrome and add-on debugging toolboxes is not checked, which, as you mentioned is the default. Also, you can press F12 in Chrome or Firefox to bring up the web developer toolbox, you don't have to right click and say Inspect Element. Then just paste it in at the console prompt.


It wouldn't be difficult at all to wrap in a user script, but toggling it may not be the best approach as the scripts are ran when the page is done loading, so enabling the script wouldn't take affect until the page was reloaded. This script, as with mine, takes advantage of what is already on the page so the filtering that someone had done would be lost when the page was reloaded. A better approach might be to add a button to the page that activates the script for you. You could take the source code for‌ and look at how to add a button to the pull down admin cog on the People page.

 @kona ‌

I keep telling you that there are people doing some awesome things, we just need a way to find out about it. This request has come up multiple times in the community and this is the first time I've seen this solution.