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Print a Roster with Pictures


Original Topic Title: Question

I am a TA and would like to print out a roster of my students with their pictures. How can I do this?

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Given that the main options discussed here appear to either broken in the current instance of Canvas, or no longer available, this Chrome plug-in offers an easy and currently functional alternative. 

Canvas Class Roster Pics - Chrome Web Store 

Works well in the Canary (chromium) version of MS Edge as well. 

Learner II

It does not look like this solution is working anymore.  Anyone have a working solution they can share?

I had previously used a solution that involved the developer tools that no longer works for my instructors. The Canvas Chrome extension does not work either. I've noticed some institutions have an option in their course navigation for a photo roster. How is that created? 

Surveyor II

My previous actions were to go to People, right-click, then choose "Inspect">console and enter the following :

var newDiv = $('<div>');
$('.collectionViewItems tr').each(function(){
 var avatar = $(this).find('.avatar').css('background-image').replace('url(','').replace(')','');
 var member = $('<div class="member" style="width:120px;height:160px;float: left;margin: 2px;"><div class="memberImg" style="text-align:center; height:120px; width:120px;"><span style="display: inline-block; height: 100%; vertical-align: middle;"></span><img style="max-width: 120px; max-height: 120px; vertical-align: middle;" src=' + avatar + '></div><div class="memberName" style="text-align:center">' + $(this).find('.roster_user_name').html() + '</div></div>');