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Printing comments from crocodoc

I have tried to download the document with the comments from crocodoc but the comments don't come through.  How can I do that?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @selgab ‌, printing comments from Crocodoc can definitely be confusing. Have you followed the directions from this guide -

I'd go through and try again and if you are still experiencing problems then contact Canvas Support by clicking the Help link and reporting a problem. 

Hope this helps!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @selgab ‌ ~ It's been a few weeks since we've last heard from you! Were you able to print comments from Crocodoc? For now, I'm going to mark this question as "Assumed Answered" but it will not prevent you or any other Canvas Community member from commenting. Let us know how things are going! Smiley Happy