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Problem with Canvas Syncing to Skyward

I am having a problem with my Skyward pass back where it is not over-writing old scores on quizzes.  For example, I had a kid take a quiz and get 7 out of 10.  Then a few days later, they retook it and got a 10.  When I synced to Skyward, it did not update the student's score, and left it as a 7 in Skyward.

The weirder thing is that it is only having this problem with quizzes, not with my other assignments.

Can someone help me with this?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Morgan,

Unfortunately here in the community we are not going to have the level of access and sophistication with Skyward to be able to assist you with this.  I am sorry.  I would recommend contacting someone at the district or filing a ticket with Support.