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Problem with Turnitin

I have students' papers which have been uploaded to the assignment, but haven't been submited to Turnitin. How do I fix this?

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Explorer II

Did you change to a turnitin assignment after they started submitting?  We have not ever seen this happen.  Seen where they can't see feedback but not where the assignment doesn't submit.  

Yes, I did change it after a few students has submitted. But none of them got reports. And I don't know which version of Turnitin my school uses.

Kim Cullen Rawley

Adjunct Faculty

English Dept.

College of the Canyons

Hi,  @kim_rawley ‌. If you can post a screenshot of your assignment settings, we can figure out which version you are using and troubleshoot from there.

With either version, if a student has submitted before you enable Turnitin, the papers submitted previously will not receive a Turnitin report. Asking the students who submitted prior to turning on Turnitin to resubmit is likely the best course of action.

Adventurer II

 @kim_rawley ‌, do you know if you are using the older version of Turnitin (API) or the newer version (LTI)?

No, I'm sorry, I don't.

Kim Cullen Rawley

Adjunct Faculty

English Dept.

College of the Canyons

Community Team
Community Team

 @kim_rawley ‌, I've never changed an assignment after the fact to a Turnitin submission type, so I don't know how that affects matters. That said, I have seen the older Turnitin API fail to generate originality reports. Possible reasons range from incompatible file types (the Turnitin API supports .doc, .docx, and .pdf) to temporary downtime at Turnitin. But there might be other factors at play here as well.

If your school is using the Turnitin API, you are enabling Turnitin in the assignment details via a checkbox. If your school uses the LTI, the assignment must be of the External Tool type. That will help you determine which type your school uses.

Have you submitted a help ticket for this yet? If you have not, please do, so that a member of Canvas Support can investigate the missing Turnitin reports.

Community Member

We have had similar issues at our University.  The LTI has been an issue since it was rolled out.  I was told by TII that the API is no longer available.  Is that true?

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Community Member

 @learym1 ‌ - We are still on the API rather than the LTI, and my understanding from our CSM is that one had to ask for a kind of "special permission" to stay on the API. My personal hunch is that once you switch to the LTI they may not allow you back on the API since it is, indeed, being deprecated by Turnitin....but it may be worth an email to your Canvas CSM to find with certainty.  Apparently, Canvas is trying to work on this. He shared with me this blog post from Canvas that indicates they are working on the webhooks internally. The next step, of course, is getting Turnitin to USE the webhooks.

 @kblack , I heard from a Turnitin rep that they encouraged Canvas to develop a system beyond LTI to make things more usable with the LTI and were aware some customers were less than thrilled with the LTI as it is now. I am looking forward to see what web hooks can do for Turnitin and other external tools!

In the meantime,  @learym1 , can you be specific about the problems you are experiencing? I will try to help! You can also take a look at my blog post about using the TII LTI:‌.