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Problems moving from html to text editor

When I open my rich text editor, it is in html screen and not the tool bar screen and I cannot get it change.  Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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Thanks, Don. I'll try it.



I had this problem just yesterday. I was using Chrome with Win10. I copied and pasted my text to notepad (so that I didn't lose anything), then saved my page, exited the browser, and restarted, and it seemed to fix the problem.


Yes, this is what I am doing now.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi, we haven't heard from you in a while; were you able to get this resolved with the assistance of Canvas Support? If you have a moment, please let us know the outcome. Thanks!

Surveyor II​ I have seen this before.

In each case, the course developer has mistakenly copy/pasted HTML into the Rich Content Editor.

To state it a different way, the HTML was saved as text.

Looking at your screen shot, I can clearly see that you are viewing the "HTML" in the Rich Content Editor.  I say this because the link to switch between the "Rich Content Editor" and the "HTML Editor tells us so.

Here is a zoom in on your screen shot, I put a red box around the link I'm talking about:


If you were looking at the HTML editor, the link would say "Rich Content Editor"

When the link says "HTML Editor", it means "click here to access the HTML Editor"

It looks to me as though HTML has been pasted into the "Rich Content Editor" view of the page, and has been saved as if it were text.

Just a though, but try copy/cutting the html from that view, click on the "HTML Editor" link and paste HTML, then save the page, and let us know if this resolves the problem.


Thanks, Garth but that is/was part of the problem....I can't change to the text editor or back again. Whatever is there when opens up is what stays there.


That is definitely odd behavior, I am unable to reproduce that.

I too use Chrome as my primary browser, and curious to know the cause in case facutly start reporting something similar.

Do you have a ticket open with support?

Would you please post the solution here when you have one?

Thanks : )

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

The odd thing from her screenshot is that the link said "HTML Editor", yet there was no rich text toolbar.  Hopefully the helpdesk will be able to see what is going on with that page.


Good catch, I should have looked more closely : )

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