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Problems with Incomplete/Complete Grades

Our goal with our new course is to grade based on participation and we want to set a minimum of 75% participation in all asynchronous and synchronous lectures. To do this we have set up the modules in the following way.


 Main header with emoji

The assignment 


Each lecture is given a header with assignments under that header. 

All the assignments are entered with 0 point, complete or incomplete using studio. In those assignments, we have included a studio video that we use the link external tool to put the video of the lecture. Once we create that we created due dates we left it as complete or incomplete and we did not add any points to that assignment.

The results that this gives us when someone looks at the video should mark an X for complete when they open the assignment. It doesn't seem to be doing that in the grade book.

We thought if we entered a point 1 in the points section it would at a minimum give the complete lecture 1 point. This does not seem to be the case it only calculates video assignments that have quizzes built into them.

First question is why this is not showing complete when it's a complete incomplete upon opening the video.

2nd question is how we get these complete incomplete assignments to mark one point along with being complete. We feel that this would allow us then to track participation.

3rd question is there another way in studio to mark the assignments as complete and show participation?

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