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Profile- Contact- No Registered Services...

I've added two email addresses to my Profile as an instructor, but still can't get either one to show on my Profile under "Contact"- it says "No registered Services...".  I don't know what I'm doing wrong.



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Welcome,  @dana_lugassy  , to the Community.  Do you see the emails you added when you check your settings (under profile)?  My correct emails are there, but they aren't on my profile page either.  

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there,  @dana_lugassy ...

I also agree with  @jcarpenter1 .  I don't think the "Profile" page actually displays your e-mail address.  It does, however, show any of those Registered Services that you had set up via your "Account" >> "Settings" page, however.  If you take a look at either of these Guides, you'll see that it does not indicate that your e-mail address would be displayed on your "Profile" page:

When you click on "Manage Registered Services", you can set up any of those that are listed under that heading, but since e-mail is not listed under "Registered Services", it would not show on your "Profile".  That's my assumption anyway.  I hope that helps, Dana.