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Program page (and not only course pages)?


is there a way for the school admins or teachers to create an overreaching Program page for the student/teacher front end of Canvas?

I am only aware of the separate Course pages, which obviously includes the specific content for each course, but when studying a Program (including several courses) the need for an overreaching Program page is obvious.

I am looking for a Program page that can include information, links and files (not in a feed, but in a more static/permanent manner) regarding the whole program, and not specific courses.


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Hello stenochstanly:

Canvas does not have a function specific to this, but what we did at my school was develop a Canvas course for this purpose, then enroll all program students and teachers into this course. Typically we assigned the program chair or a designee as the "teacher" in the course to manage content development and editing. Both our faculty and our students found this very useful. You can even organize sections or groups within that Canvas course based on each course in the program.

Let me know if you would like more information on how we did this.


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Surveyor II

Hello! Ok, so this is a missing feature that can be solved with a workaround. I'll post this in the "Idea Conversation". Thank you!

Surveyor II

Hello again @KelleyMeeusen !

@Stefaniefrom the Community Team told me that your schools solution to create a Course page (placed under Courses in the main menu) for the Program is not a workaround but one of the official ways to do it...

Stefanie also told me to ask you which other ways there are (

Do you know the other ways to solve this problem?

Thank you