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Proposal(s) for InstructureCon 2018, Updates?

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Hello Fantastic Canvas Community, 

Happy Fri-yay! I was wondering if anyone has heard about the acceptance (or not) of their proposal for instructurecon2018? I thought we were supposed to hear yesterday, is that correct? I need to get my travel request in early in order to go and I was to be as proactive as possible. If anyone has any updates it would be greatly appreciated! Smiley Happy 

Have a great day! 


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It is like Schrodinger's cat... keep hope alive!

Community Member


Maybe next year. Smiley Happy


Waiting to be accepted or rejected like, LOL...but I'm still hopeful! Smiley Happy  instructurecon2018 #proposal instructurecon

Skeleton meme with still waiting in white letters

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Got mine earlier this week.  Should be a blast.

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If you haven't heard that may be a good sign, because I heard back a few days ago and was DENIED! LOL. It's a shame because it was a COOL, informative and interactive presentation. Best of luck to you all, I'm sure you're gonna be accepted:)

Hi Tami,

Thanks for the positive vibes, still haven't heard anything news  is good news at this point, maybe? I'm sorry your presentation was denied. I hope that you still get to come to the conference!


I bet they are just working on the schedule! It'll be great:)

Sadly neither one of my proposals got accepted this year, maybe next time! 


Anyone else still waiting for a response? We haven't heard a thing yet.

*raises hand*