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Pros and cons to turning off the Canvas Inbox


apologies if this has been ask before

we are a large higher education Institute in the U.K. Looking forward to embracing canvas. My question is related to a past post that hinted that institutions can opt to have the canvas email turned off, if they already have an institutional email system.

the pro s for this seem to be removing confusion for all users relating to where their email is being sent. The con s seem to be you are removing the possibility to communicate in a different way within the canvas system. Has anyone out there got a strong opinion on this, or is there an alternative growing within the development bowels of canvas.



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Community Team
Community Team

Hello,  @j_c_turner , and welcome to Canvas! Because your prompt won't necessarily elicit a single "correct" response, I've changed the format to a discussion; I've also shared it with the Higher Education​ and K-12​ groups to broaden its reach.

I'm hoping you can provide some clarification with respect to terminology and intent. When you state "institutions can opt to have the canvas email turned off," are you referring to turning off the messaging system within Canvas (Canvas Inbox and Conversations), or are you looking for solutions with regard to external email notifications and school email addresses? Since Canvas doesn't have "email" per se, your question is not entirely clear.



Thanks for that

Perhaps you can think of a better heading for this discussion

"institutions can opt to have the canvas email turned off," - means turning off the messaging system within canvas

Turn off inbox messaging or get it forwarded

I want to know if this will be helpful for staff and students, or are we missing a major benefit

many thanks


Sounds good,  @j_c_turner , I've edited the title and I hope it accurately prompts the discussion.

Community Member

Hi Jim,

My opinion on this would be that the benefit is having a manageable central area for emails to be held which can be advantageous in regards to disciplinary hearings or extenuating considerations if a student says they did not receive a class email or it has been lost within the system.  The student is also able to amend their email address preference so communications should not be lost and also emails can be sent on a course level basis to specific user roles but the problem is that the users have to be enrolled on the course.  We have a bespoke role  which enrollment is not a viable option for and so unfortunately unless the tutor specifically messages the individuals they cannot be emailed as a group as it is an account level role not course.  From what I gather it is not possible to use the inbox system to message account groups, only course account roles or by adding people on an individual basis.  I  suppose it all hinges on your permission system and how you are going to set up the various users and roles.

The other option regarding messaging account roles is to set up an account level group but then that may be over complicating your setup and who would manage group creation etc? (How do I add groups in a group set in an account? )

I hope this is of some help!