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Surveyor II

Provide a Teams-meeting links to individuals scheduled via Calendar scheduler/appointment group


I cannot find how to link the “appointment group” in Canvas (scheduler) with my MS-Teams. I am aware that there are Microsoft Bookings that I could go through, but I have a large class of Freshmen who must learn 4 different technology platforms! So, I did wanted to keep their scheduling contained within Canvas (which they are most used to).

I want them to sign up for 10-mins of 1 on 1 meeting with me via Canvas (reserve a slot from offered times). And I want to send them the link to a Teams meeting from the calendar. These are individual appointments (so I am not sharing the meeting with a class or in the RCE of Canvas) and are scheduled at the beginning of the term (I am sure they will learn more about Teams later since we are a Microsoft (Office 365) school. But, at least at the very beginning, I did not want to herd lost cats.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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