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Published/Unpublished Problems

I have modules published and students did the work. Then when I got to my grades it shows they are unpublished. Can anyone help? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @taspalmer - By chance are these items that require you to post grades?
How do I hide or post assignment grades in SpeedGrader? 

How do I post grades for an assignment in the Gradebook? 


If there's been a submission, I think that instructors are unable to unpublish an item. Check the hide/post status and let us know what you notice.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @taspalmer 

Could you show us a screenshot of what you are seeing in the gradebook?

It might be as simple as your modules are published, but the assignments in the module are not published. However, you said the students submitted, so.........

I suspect the gradebook is not showing that the "Assignment" is unpublished; but rather, that the gradebook is showing you that the students' scores are unpublished, or rather "Unposted". It is likely that you have set a grade posting policy either for the course or just the assignment.

You can learn more about Grade Posting Policies at How do I use posting policies in a course? 


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